Peter Gray Hatchery Updates

December 2017 Update

As I look out my office window and see the East Machias River, bordered by river banks covered in fresh snow, pushing against the incoming tide, it occurs to me…the scene playing outside my window parallels salmon restoration. Salmon restoration is the river pushing against the tide…there are highs and lows, but it is constant…


November 2017 Peter Gray Hatchery Update

November 2017 Update

October has to be one of the busiest months for the Peter Gray Project. That’s because it is filled with marking every single fish with an adipose fin clip and stocking our “little athletes” into the river! …


September 2017 Peter Gray Hatchery Update

September 2017 Update

Earlier this month and with the help of the Maine Department of Marine Resources staff, we electrofished 25 sites throughout the East Machias River watershed. Electrofishing is done each year in mid-September to give a snapshot in time comparison of salmon densities from year to year…and in the case of the East Machias River, decade to decade…


August 2017 Peter Gray Hatchery Update

August 2017 Update

Despite this dry spell the “little athletes” in the Peter Gray Hatchery are doing well. As our temperatures are cooling their appetites are blossoming and they are feeding heavy. This is an important time of year as the fish are packing on the weight that will help them overwinter in the river….


Help us Restore Maine's Wild Atlantic Salmon Population

$1 per parr. Restore one or restore thousands. All donations will make a difference!

The goal of the Peter Gray Parr Project is to increase the number of parr raised and stocked to over 2,000,000. At an estimated cost of just over $1 per parr, we must raise 2.2 million dollars to support this restoration. For every dollar donated, contributors will quite literally be putting more parr in the East Machias River and directly impacting the restoration of Maine's wild Atlantic salmon population.


Restore over 2,000,000 Wild Atlantic Salmon Parr to the East Machias River.


Financial progress towards restoring over 2,000,000 Wild Atlantic Salmon Parr into the East Machias River

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