“Swimming Against the Tide” by Peter Gray


Swimming Against the Tide is a story of salmon conservation success against all odds. It details the pioneering hatchery work of Peter Gray at Kielder and his great achievements in dramatically improving the stocks of salmon on the Tyne – to the extent that it is now, once again, a world class salmon river.

In the introduction Peter Gray explains: “My main motive is to offer hope to the host of people on both sides of the North Atlantic who desperately want to restore the fortunes of their depleted salmon rivers. Those who have seen the way the Tyne came back from the dead already want to follow its example but there are many others who should be told how it was done.”

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Book Reviews

“In a world where those with lifetime experience have been traded for certificated ‘instant experts’ created by short courses, Peter stands almost alone amidst a sea of pallid bureaucrats waving pieces of paper proclaiming authority.” -Professor Geoff Parker FRS

A book epitomizing the conflicts in Britain’s countryside. This book delves deep into fish detail, but it should be read. The revelations are as fascinating as the politics are depressing.” – Country Life Magazine

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